Social ideas hackathon – pre-accelerator

At the beginning you may have lots of questions in your mind, but by focusing on achieving the results, you can quickly resist the starting point and move forward. In a three-day hackathon, as many as fifteen selected teams will have the opportunity to consult individually with the experts in various fields and make a development of a minimum value product (MVP) process much easier.

Refine your social business concept and put the background for your social business model


How will your product look like?


What materials/equipment do you need?


How to produce/make it?


Don’t know how to implement it?


How will your customers find out about you?


Why will your customers buy?


How much will it cost?


When and how will you reach a breaking point?


How to get the investment?

What is social business  hackathon?

June, 12-14 

All selected teams, together with the help of professional experts, will develop ideas into sustainable social business models. This is a great opportunity to use your creativity, knowledge and skills, broaden your horizons, make useful connections and take your business idea to a serious leap up!

In a three-day ONLINE hackathon teams will be assisted by experts in various fields to develop a minimum value product (MVP): each team will be able to consult individually on IT, innovation, marketing, sales and other areas.

At the end of the closing day, teams will present their business concepts to the jury. Teams with the best ideas will be invited to participate in the last stage of Change4Future program - the accelerator.

Change4Future hackathon is designed to promote entrepreneurship in Kaunas region. Future entrepreneurs of Kaunas region are invited to participate (new already established businesses can also participate).

EXPERTS – advisors

You are an expert and would like to help the team?

Join the team of 50 „Change4Future“ experts who invest their time in social responsibility during world wide crisis and help social innovators to make impact in environment. Fast and innovative solutions in health, education, environment and other fields are needed more than ever. Now 33 selected teams are ready to solve environmental problems but with experts‘ help this path will be much more easier.

Lector of Social entrepreneurship, Social enterpreneurship incubator

Audronė Urmanavičienė

Business development specialist, Startup space

Tomas Proscevičius

Owner, ValueGate Consulting

Dange Durrett

CEO, Tech Hub

Haroldas Petkus

Business development consultant, Visuomenės pažangos institutas

Reda Zakarė

CEO and Co-Founder, Eureka

Kseniia Chumakova

Professor and vice dean for research, KTU

Eglė Butkevicienė


Deimantė Mitkuvienė

Senior Manager, Digital Diagnostic

Gustavo Madico Villarroel

CEO, ValueGate Consulting

Joshua Olusegun Fayomi

Group CFO, Modus Group

Erika Zakarauskienė

Assistant Professor, OKAN universitetas

Esra Tahmaz

Child Protection Officer, UNICEF Ukraine

Nataliya Datchenko

Business department head, OKAN universitetas

Ezgi Yildirim Saatci

Educator and researcher, KTU

Daiva Koponen

CEO, Eureka

Kyrylo Chumakov

Project management, ACESWorld

Moses Kyei Baffour

Founder, ChangeMakersON

Simona Šimulytė

CTO, Alpha Code Solutions

Omar Ličina

Product Development, Stay in Charm

Lauri Koponen


Tamar Jangulashvili

Vice President for Development, Paysera

Marius Pareščius

Project coordinator, EC Europe

Irina Dinca

Member of the marketing certification council, LiMA

Gintautas Kučas


Evelina Bendoraitienė

Founder and CEO, AdsTargets

Eugene Agoh

Baliffs asistant, Baliffs office

Asta Zmitravicienė

CEO and co-founder, Baltic Sandbox

Sandra Golbreich

Co-Founder & Consultant, BeCause Agency

Omer Hochbaum

Co-Founder & Consultant, BeCause Agency

Aviv Hochbaum

Managing Partner, BaltCap

Simonas Gustainis

CEO, Turing School

Monika Simaškaitė

Business development manager, Rubedo Sistemos

Paulius Rakauskas

Growth, Kokono Limited

Rūta Danytė

CEO, Sunrise valley science and technology park

Laima Kaušpadienė

Strategist and Partner, We Are Marketing

Neringa Petrauskaitė

Owner and founder, Bavatar Consulting

Toma Paškevičienė

Founder, ir #Reanimacija

Jurgis Didžiulis

Innovation partner, Katalista Ventures

Arvydas Plėta

Marketing manager, Eskimi

Monika Poškutė

Founder ir CEO,

Eleonora Sakalauskaitė

CEO, Social Impact Research Group

Renata Matkevičienė

CEO, Verifo

Mantas Staliūnas

Brand manager, ESET

Neringa Žemaitė

Board member,

Paulius Rimavičius

Head of strategic initiatives, Fave

Audra Pakalnytė

Marketing manager,

Monika Limbienė

CEO, Social4Social ApS

Bruno Conte

Managing director, LifestylediagnostiX

Ilir Hoxha


Eimantas Matulaitis

Chancellor of the Chamber, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce

Andrius Verbyla

Head of International Relations and Protocol Department, Kaunas Chamber of Commerce

Agne Jaraite

Multimedia Designer, Innovation Centre Kosovo

Erris Veliu

Director Human Resources

Živilė Valeišienė

Business Incubator Manager, Innovation Centre Kosovo

Safet Rama

Entrepreneur, Vilike x Rehaboo

Kirsi Ekberg

CEO, Crozzant

Jaunius Danielius

Head of ambience & image, Caffeine LT

Nidas Kiuberis

Co-Founder, Tamo

Darius Ratkevičius

Progarmme coordinator, Lithuanian National Commission for UNESCO

Liliana Bugaiškytė-Lideikienė

Modernization of the e-money ecosystem, Billetera

Nerijus Makselis

IT project developer, Econody

Tadas Pocevicius

CEO and founder, Dear deer eyewear

Justas Šidlauskas

CEO, Junior Achievement Lithuania

Andželika Rusteikienė

Competition to the hackathon

On June even 33 selected teams will take a part in 3-days „Change4Future“ hackathon. Five weeks in a row the Jury announced at least 2 selected social innovation ideas during online seminars and invited their developers to participate in the hackathon.

After receiving the active participation of social innovators in the selection, it was decided to invite 3x more participants to the hackathon than was planned.

The final list of participants will be announced the 2nd of June, during the last session.

Already SELECTED TEAMS for hackathon

If you want to participate in the hackathon and join one of selected teams – please fill in the registration form and indicate what competencies you have and how you could contribute. Hackathons often involve people who tend to join other teams to help both during the hackathon and possibly later in business.

Hackathon is designed for future social entrepreneurs of Kaunas region. Applicants from other regions are accepted only when there are free vacancies.