Case Studies

Water Supply & Sanitation Collaborative Council

UN Stories – Estimates indicate that globally some two and a half billion people have no access to a clean toilet – that’s one in every three people.
In rural Nepal that number can be much higher according to the UN’s Global Sanitation Fund managed by WSSCC as many people practice “open” defecation. Now WSSCC is working community by community to educate villagers about the dangers of open defecation and teach them how to build their own toilets

Water For Africa

Water for Africa is a UK based charity which has developed a successful model over the last 12 years in providing communities in Africa with water, sanitation and health provisions as around 40%-60% of water sources across Africa are failing. Millions have gone into installing water pumps across Africa but despite the investment, many communities are still living without access to clean water due to the lack of upkeep of these essential water sources.
Water for Africa’s objective is to provide the necessary infrastructure and on-going maintenance of sustainable water sources. To inform the public we created an online campaign and invited people to make donations to the cause directly in order to fund the installation of boreholes, wells that can be drilled to greater depths more efficiently, than the traditional ‘hand dug’ wells in villages all over Gambia.

Drop In The Bucket

« Drop in the Bucket is a Los Angeles based non-profit that builds water wells and sanitation systems at schools in sub-Saharan Africa.
Drop In The Bucket believes clean water is a basic human right that must be met in order to help people break the cycle of poverty. Our mission is to build wells and sanitation systems at schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa, enabling youth to fully harness the life-changing power of an education. Our goal is to provide schools and communities with tools they need to improve child health, increase school enrollment rates, and promote gender equality. »